Descriptive Text dalam Bahasa Inggris: Trik Menulis & Contoh Beginner Level

Descriptive text adalah salah satu jenis tulisan yang berfungsi untuk menjelaskan, menerangkan, atau - sesuai namanya - mendeskripsikan sesuatu (benda, tempat, orang, dan lain sebagainya). Berikut ini akan diberikan tips dan trik menulis descriptive text beserta contohnya.

Tips & Trik Menulis Descriptive Text

Menulis haruslah dilakukan dengan menerapkan teknik. Tanpa penggunaan teknik yang tepat, tulisan dapat menjadi tidak terarah dan mungkin akan sulit dipahami.

Dalam menulis descriptive text, pelajar sekalian harus mengetahui dengan jelas apa yang akan dideskripsikan. Hal ini mutlak mengingat anda tidak akan bisa menjelaskan sesuatu yang tidak anda ketahui dengan baik.

Untuk mengetahui sesuatu yang akan dideskripsikan, teman-teman akan banyak membutuhkan kata sifat. Fungsi kata sifat atau adjective adalah untuk menjelaskan noun. Disini, gabungan kata sifat mungkin akan digunakan. Untuk itu, baca artikel Dosen English yang berjudul “Fungsi Penempatan Adjective”

Contoh Descriptive Text (Level Tulisan: Beginner)

Berikut ini beberapa contoh descriptive text. Untuk menghindari teman-teman melakukan kecurangan di sekolah/kampus dengan meng-copy & paste contoh-contoh berikut dan mengumpulkannya sebagai tugas, maka Dosen English hanya akan memberikan potongan-potongan teks saja yang telah mencakup inti dari descriptive text itu sendiri.

Descriptive Text: Describing Things

Describing Things: Honda CR-V
Introduction Memperkenalkan (secara umum) benda yang akan dideskripsikan I am currently a lecturer and also still a students. University where I teach is for about 5 kilometers away from my house. So I need a car to get there as I usually bring many things there such as books, my students assignments, laptop, and tablet.
Main Body Berisi deskripsi detail dari benda yang dideskripsikan Some years ago, I bought a car. The color is all black. I drive it everyday to campus, either to teach my students at university or to learn at university. My car has 2000cc engine size. I love its performance which is decent to move around the city as well as to travel a long distance.

One more thing that I love from my car is that it is 6-speed manual transmission car. I can have full control towards the car when it is accelerated.

It is 5-seater car - meaning that it can acommodate 5 persons. I prefer to use this car to drive my family members when they want to go out from home. They also love this car.
Closing Memuat kesimpulan berupa impresi-impresi terhadap benda yang dideskripsikan Although my car is not the best car in my city, but I do love it. It takes me anywhere I want and so far I am so satisfied with this car - both its appearance and its performance.

Descriptive Text: Describing Person

Andi is my friend. We’ve been together since we were young. I firstly met him when I was at elementary school. He is my neighbor. His house is only for about 20 meters from my house.

He has pointed nose. His hair is black. He is about 170cm tall but his body is quite thin for person for 170cm tall. His hobby is playing football. He usually enjoy his hobby in the field near our houses. He is 31 years old now. I am 1 year younger than him.